Good morning Lily!
I have to tell you that was probably the best cake I have ever had in my life!
It was such a huge hit at the Luau! Everyone went nuts over it! I sure wish you lived closer so I could order your cake for every special event we have and especially for my birthday in January!  The Biscotti was wonderful as well and how much I appreciate that as well!
Rick and I are having it in the morning's with our coffee and we really are enjoying that!
Could you do me a favor and send me your web site. I can't find it and I know you gave it to me!
Anyway thank you so very much for your wonderful cake and kindness!
Lynda Smith

Ps I will send you the picture of the little girl that we told her the cake was for her 12th Birthday! She told us it was the best Birthday cake she ever had!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
Safe journey home!
God bless you
Lynda Smith
Birch Bay, WA
Sept 16, 2014

Nieva Sampaco through FB

Very nice, Lily! Thank you for unselfishly sharing your knowledge, love, and passion of cake're actually my 2nd earliest teacher in cake decorating.

From Cake et cetera through FB

Hi lily,

how are you? hope all is well!

This month my cake store in Indonesia, Cake et cetera, is honored to be featured in Forbes Magazine, 2013 and I'm so proud to tell them that Lily is one of my teacher.
I just want to say thank you for teaching me, I really learned a lot from you
and still learning!

Thank you Lily,
all the best!
Natasha Tantama

Here I attach the photo

Dyane Kruse


Thank you for making the cake for our Wedding.  You are so talented that I'm proud to have you be the one making it. Thank you again for everything.

♥ always


Natasha Alexander through FB

 awhh thank you so much guys for your support!! really means a lot to me =)
Lily, thats because I learned it from the best teacher (you) :D
 Thank you Lily!!!

From Soe Ay

 Hi Auntie Lily,

Thank you so much for the beautiful cake !

You always do such a fantastic job!

Thanks again,
Soe Ay 


From Dawn Motes & Cindy Goetz, Show Directors for WASSA Cake Show 2010( Thank You card) for "Sugar Veil" demo


Lily, we love you !!

Thank  you so much  for all your knowledge and support, along with your creativity !!!!

" You take the cake !!! "

Thank you,

Cindy & Dawn

From Carol Webb.... Elegant Lace Molds, Albany, OR

It was great to meet a new friend.
You did a super job on Demos. It is so nice to have someone to watch over us and keep us on time. Clean up is always a hurried time .
Might you think on being the SET UP PERSON for next year. You seem to have organizational skills. Keeping the cakes organized is a blessing to the judges. It saves us a lot of time when done smoothly.
Consider the blossom cutter a gift .  Think of me when you make flowers.


From Adrian Bradley


Hi Lily,
I want to thank you for a wonderful month of cake decorating fun!  My kids were so excited tonight - they cannot wait to see the cake.  The time went by so fast, especially tonight.  I was going to ask you about the cakes you made for your grandson.  I am sure they were fantastic.  Hope you can post the cakes on your yahoo website soon!  I also would like to follow up with you on the recipe of your favorite icing/frosting.  I would greatly appreciate if you could share with me.  Thanks again.  You are a great instructor (in case you don't know that already ) with not only the professional expertise, but also the passion, which makes a big difference.


From Nieva Sampaco


Hi, Lily.
Thanks a lot for the pictures and most of all for teaching our cake decorating class.  I learned a lot and I believe that with more practice I could get better.  Hope to see you around.  I'm looking forward to the next class (flowers ?) that you're going to teach.


From Nancy Schmidt

Thank you so very much for being such a patient & wonderful teacher & for sending me the pictures.

From Shanna Goodman  Mon, Jun 15th, 2005

Thank You for the Pictures!  Lily the cake for my Grandmother, I did on my own, even my own design.  Just thought you would like to know.  You are a great teacher, I will keep in touch.  Every cake I make I will email you the pictures.  Thank You again.


Inma Perez Sun, May 15th, 2005

Hi, Lily

First of all, thank you again for Saturday. It was a great class and I'm looking forward to starting again next Saturday. I can't keep my eyes off the booklet for Course 3. Everything looks so much fun to make.

I downloaded the pictures to my computer and I'm sending you a few. I wasn't sure which ones you would like the best so I included one of the top of the cake, one with me and the cake, one where you can see the detailing of the girl and another one where you can see the whole cake.

When I took the cake to my knitting class people were at awe. To start with, they thought the flowers were real and said how could I get them not to wilt. They couldn't believe their eyes when I said they were edible. They loved the icing, nobody noticed it was Crico icing. My friend had baked the cake and it tasted so good too (a Joy of Cooking recipe for chocolate cake). It was a success!!

Ok, so I think this is it for now. THANK YOU again for being such a great teacher. I truly enjoy the classes and I always leave full of ideas and very inspired.

Have a great week, Lily.


Suwan Brown  Sun, May 1st 2005

Hi Lily,
  Thank you very much for all your e-mails. I want to let you know  how much I really enjoyed having you as a teacher for the cake decorating class. And thank you again for your kindness. Please keep me in touch.

Thank very much

Fern Riggio (Wilton Independant Supervisor) April 19th, 2005


Thank you for asking, Joey is doing great.  We're getting ready to celebrate his first birthday next month.
I'm glad that Jeff (of Ben Franklin)  has been helpful.  You're the type of  Wilton Instructor that he's needed for several years. 

Thank you, 


Inma Perez

Sun, April 10, 2005 
The best buttercream icing ever


Hi, Lily

Thank you so much for the web-sites. I'll check them out.

I just finished making the buttercream icing from the recipe you gave me. WOW!! It's really good! I'm going to put it in the refrigerator now so that I can use it later in the week. It will be fine, won't it?

I also made a chocolate cake, this time from scratch and I'll freeze that one so that it's ready for later in the week too.

Oh, and I just finished a class buttercream icing batch to practice the rose and what we've learned so far so that I can do it with confidence with the other kind of icing.

Thank you so much again for the recipe and for being such an inspiration. Your classes are always fun and I always leave feeling I learned a lot and I've just started!!

Have a great week!


Ps: I can't wait for Course 2.

Bernie White


Hi Lily,
Thanks a lot for being a great teacher.  God surely blesses you and your loved ones for sharing your talents to us.  Way to go, Lily!!! I always appreciate your kindness.  Thanks for the piping gel, and of course, for EFFECTIVELY showing me how to do the basket weave in class.  My husband and I ENJOYED it very much!!!  Thank you very much for being a very outstanding Wilton Cake Decorating Teacher and for inspiring us to achieve excellence in cake decorating.  I do admire your dedication to this profession.  Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience!
See you on Thursday.
God bless,
P.S.  By the way, have you ever tasted a Filipino delicacy called "lumpia"?  I'm thinking of preparing some for our last day of Course III class next week.


Joanne Mason

I just looked at your photographs  online. I had looked a few weeks ago. What a lot of work and time to update it all!  I can't believe how good everyone else's cakes are! Ours, except for Angie's were nothing compared to the other classes. And even the Course I classes were fantastic. Congratulations.
You really are a great teacher. We all had a great time, and had fun during the class. I think we of course will have to work diligently next time to catch up to all the other students.. (or was that just photo-shop with professional cake photographs, with the students?)

We had a lot of fun, loved your class, think you are a great teacher, and had some great lunches afterwards at Cucina Cucina. It was nice for me to get to know Angie and Lynn, as I had never met them before and they both live just a few blocks away.


Joanne Mason 

Holly Brown


I really enjoyed class this evening!  I was kind of nervous about doing this, but when I brought my cake home this evening, my family was amazed!  I am really looking forward to the next class.  You are a wonderful and patient teacher.

Quynh-Dao Tran


Hi Lily,
I would like to say "Thanks" for teaching us through 3 courses and spending your time to solve any our problems in Cake Decorating, (especially, the final night.)
We very enjoyed in your class and we wish you the best of the best in everything in the future.
God bless you!!!
See you around


Carla Evans

Thank you Lily, I am enjoying the class and I think you're doing  a great job. I think I am a little slow on catching on, but with lots of practice, I will be just fine.
Thanks again.


Kate Fielder, Calgary, Canada


Hello Lily:  It was so nice to hear from you and your kind words.  You really do a great job.  I was surprised that you did’nt get the best of show!.. I really think that you have a great talent and hope that you keep it up.  I was hoping to go the Ices convention, but now I don’t think that I will make it.  That time is the busiest time of year for for wedding cakes.

I'm planning on teaching some different ways of decorating cakes, that is why I get all the best work here in Calgary., as well as the flavors that I have.  I do look forward to seeing you and some more of your work in the future.  Kate


Kate Fielder - Sugarflowers


Tue, June 21, 2005 
Inma Perez


Hi, Lily

Thanks for sending the pictures and for wishing me a safe trip to Spain. I'm excited for the anticipation of making a cake for my dad and I already have some good ideas about what the cake would look like. I've been buying supplies for my sister like crazy so now the challenge is to get them all in my suitcase. Today it's the trial day for packing.

It felt really weird to not have to get ready for the class on Saturday and I found myself talking about cake decorating a whole lot with anybody who had some time to listen. It's nice to have Bonnie, the assistant teacher from my school, taking a class (she is in your Monday Course 1 class, the one with the cop I beleive) because I can talk to someone at school that understands how much fun cake decorating is.

When I showed my sister the picture of the wedding cake I made thinking of her and her fiancé, she fell in love with it and asked me if I would make hers. I really would like to do it but I have to see how feasable that is in Spain since it´s so hot and I don´t know how fondant or buttercream would be like there. I don´t want to get to the reception place and find a big puddle on the floor that used to be a cake.

I had a friend over yesterday and I made this little cake I´m sending you pictures of. My friend has a very restrictive diet so I had to search for quite a while until I found a recipe with ingredients she could have. It´s a chocolate almond torte cake, filled with raspberry jam and covered with chocolate fondant. The lacy part is buttercream and the roses and leaves are fondant too. I saw a cake somewhere that portrayed the same lacy idea and I decided to give it a try. I did it on Saturday, which I´m glad for, because on Sunday I hurt the area right under my neck as I was checking what time it was when I was lying down in bed and I´ve been in quite a pain since then. I thought you would want to see the pictures. It was funny because when I was doing it, if something didn´t quite work the way I had pictured, I said to myself: Ok, don´t panic, what would Lily do in this case?

I just wanted to thank you one more time for all you´ve taught me. I do feel I have the skills I´ll need to continue down this path and keep getting better and better and that´s thanks to you. Please keep me informed when you do that elegant fondant class (or the victorian fondant you mentioned in the last class) and if you ever decide to do a gum paste flower class. I want to continue learning about cake decorating so unless there is a conflict of schedule, I´ll be a sure sign up.

Ok, Lily, have a wonderful summer and thanks again for all your help and advice.



From Miriam Boskova Aug 22nd, 2003


Hi Lily,
I am back from my honeymoon. Yes, the cake was wonderful!!!! It was very tasty as well. Many people commented on it, how beautiful it was. I am glad I have at last the picture of it. It was gone in no time, people rely liked it. Thank you so much for making it for me. It was more beautiful then I expected. You are very talented, that's for sure!!!
Thank you one more time for making my wedding beautiful by making the cake for me. Thank you so much!


Pat Fry



Kirk Welsch

I'm still amazed at the talent and imagination that you deminstrate
in your cake decorating.  Way to go.  Kirk

Kim Ypma

I looked at your web site.  It is BEAUTIFUL!  The Frog King Cake is EXTREMELY talented.
I just wanted to thank you for all of your advise and kindness that you shared at the convention.  My husband really likes the gumpaste plant that you gave me.  Thanks again :o)     
I e-mailed my Wilton instructor as soon as I got home.  She is so proud that I went & placed at the convention.  It is only 2nd place ribbons with both of my cakes...but, looking at all of the beautiful pieces gives me bigger goals to achieve.
Take Care, & please keep in touch.  I would love to hear about the ICES convention or any pictures that you would like to share. I hope you have a wonderful time in Orlando!

Decy G. Mullens 

Hi Auntie Lily, Sorry it took so long to find the pictures. 
It was a beautiful and exactly fulfilled my dream wedding cake. Thank you auntie. Hope you are having a good day.:)
Decy G. Mullens 

Fri, May 2, 2008  Mary Therese Renner

Everything is beautiful. Thank you for your web site. If you ever teach again let me know.
Marytherese Renner

Fenny Natalia



Thank you for a beautiful & delicious cake. We loved it.

Fenny Natalia